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“Education-for-Employment”, there seems to be a remarkable mismatch between what is being taught in Schools, Colleges & Universities and the Knowledge, Skill and Behavior that businesses are expecting from new recruits. While the demand for large scale reforms in the education sector to match the Ship Building & Repair industry’s expectation is gaining slow momentum, at present, there is a serious knowledge gap resulting in employing non and semi skilled personnel with very low productivity making the industry and the products non-competitive.

Labour intensive industries like ship building & Repair in India, despite having a healthy order book are plagued with unacceptable delivery delays purely attributable to under-performance of the ship building and planning crew. To fill this gnawing gap, we at College of Ship Technology has affiliated with Indian Maritime University to Teach, Train & Build a vast number of overseeing production personnel for the Ship Building & Repair Industry thro IMU’s 3year B.Sc. Degree Program. With great employment potential in India and Overseas, the B.Sc. course in SHIP BUILDING & REPAIR offered by Indian Maritime University will be a great boon to Shipyards, and Marine related industries such as Oil & Gas, Offshore, Ports & Harbours, Classification Societies and equipment manufacturers & service etc. in India and abroad.

I have great pleasure in extending a warm welcome to the employers for the Campus Selection and I am sure they will find the students as potential managers of the future, for their Yards tasking various activities of Ship Building and Repair from planning to production to delivery and after sales.

Dr. P.K. Balasubramanian
College of Ship Technology